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Jonathan has worked between New York and Los Angles the last ten years. He has worked with the top hair teams for Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan, and Paris for the top designer in the world. In the last couple years Jonathan has worked with clients like Clinique, Cosmopolitan, Elle Italia, Marc Jacob Beauty, Vanity Fair and many more exciting projects.

Jonathan hails from beautiful Ventura County, California. Growing up, Jonathan always had art in the home since his father was an artist himself, primarily a sculptor and potter. It wasn’t, however, until his father passed away suddenly in 2006 when Jonathan decided to try and slowly tap into his own artistic abilities. In 2008, a friend of his introduced him to the multifaceted world of hair design. Soon after, Jonathan enrolled in the Vidal Sassoon Academy, in Santa Monica, California. By graduation, he was awarded the "Premiere Student Award" for his class. In 2011 he was also rewarded "Los Angeles Hair Stylist of the Year from RAW Artists". 

After many interesting and eventful years as a session stylist, he aspired to pursue a new skill set, and obtain mastery of his craft, incorporating old and new knowledge to become the best he can be. His new career lead him to NYC's prestigious Bumble+Bumble salon, an experience that has brought about a new level of appreciation of hair and a whole new parallel of dexterity and skill in the craft. After his time at Bumble+Bumble you can find Jonathan back on set. Striving to learn from the best in the industry. Jonathan has worked as a highly experienced hair assistant to top New York agencies, as well being Guido Paulo full time assistant .

Jonathan says that his style is ever-changing, "Some days my work can be soft and natural, and other days it’s very hard and edgy", he explains. He pull inspiration from his own personal life experiences and passion for researching. .At the core of Jonathan you can find a driven ambitious man, with new exciting things on the rise.